Below are comments from some of my customers.

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Kathy is an awesome artist to work with. I love the finished book cover, it was exactly what I wanted! She took the time to listen to me and then went through a few design schemes for me to view. Very patient and easy to work with.

  2. When Kathy began working with our non-profit organization, we had a few flyers that I had just put together from a cut & paste perspective in WORD. A very neophyte perspective I might add. As I began to let Kathy create those flyers for us, it grew into her creating all types of graphics that now includes anything from 6ft display stands, invitations, business cards and even t-shirts. I don’t know anything about graphic designing, but I would think the ultimate compliment would be this statement by the printer I took my business card artwork to, “Whoever did the artwork/setup for your card knew what they were doing!”

  3. I love Kathy’s work, she made the graphics and design for my personal website – I couldn’t be happier! Once she gets to know you, she’ll show you that she can design something the exact way you want it and she is so easy to work with!

  4. Kathy did a wonderful job restoring several of my husbands old military photos and even added color to a few of them. She was able to fix a few photos that were damaged in a house fire and clean up newspaper articles that were 50+ years old.

  5. Kathy did a fantastic job on my book illustrations and layout. The illustrations looked just like I my rabbit and the book turned out great.

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